This bot will be activated in the chats whenever the integrated token is purchased on any connected Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Initially, we will integrate it into our Telegram chat with our native token, $JBOT. Essentially, whenever $JBOT is bought through any DEX and SWAP/BOT, the bot will be triggered in the Telegram chat. It will generate a random ID for the transaction, ensuring it is provably fair, authentic, and impossible to manipulate. Using this ID, the user will be determined as a winner or a loser. Currently, the BOT has approximately 512 variations, with chances of hitting multipliers ranging from x1 to x100. The slot machine will feature the following symbols:

  • Grape

  • Lemon

  • Tomato

  • Green 7s

  • Golden 7s

  • BAR

  • Green JBOT logo

  • Golden JBOT logo.

Here are the current chances of winning combinations:

  • x1.25 for 3 Tomatoes: 1.5%

  • x1.25 for 3 Grapes: 1.5%

  • x1.5 for 3 Lemons: 1%

  • x2 for 3 BARS: 0.5%

  • x5 for 3 Green 7s: 0.25%

  • x10 for 3 Golden 7s: 0.05%

  • x50 for 3 Green Robots: 0.005%

  • x100 for 3 Golden Robots: 0.0005%

  • x1 for any other combination: Approximately 95.1945%

You will automatically receive your profits; there is no need to claim them or connect your wallets.

All results and provably fair transactions can be tracked on our website, jbot.net.

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