/Terms & Conditions

Our products may contain addictive services and features, such as gambling, betting, predicting, and others that might be more passive. Therefore, ensure you are of the legal age to use these products, and that your region and country permit the use of cryptocurrencies, gaming, and gambling products. We are not responsible for any unlawful use of our products. By using our products and trading our token, you agree that you are of legal age and in a region where it is lawful to use these products. Our products are all on-chain with randomly generated and provably fair results, ensuring no possibility of manipulating or altering user outcomes. Whenever participants play, their results will be randomly generated, following specific odds and relying on luck. Therefore, make sure you understand how probabilities work and be aware of your chances of winning in every product you use. Ensure you are fully aware of how cryptocurrencies work, including how to trade and purchase them, and understand that they can be highly volatile, potentially leading to significant losses.

Only use what you can afford to lose, as our team cannot be held liable for any financial losses incurred when trading our token or using our products.

We are not connected to, nor do we endorse or support, any projects or communities that use our products. They are simply renting our services and have fully agreed to our terms. These entities have the freedom to manage their own tokens and communities as they see fit Please note that blockchain networks may sometimes experience congestion, potentially leading to random failures, errors, and delays. Our team and products cannot be held liable for these issues, as they are beyond our control. Some transactions might fail, take longer, or incur higher gas fees due to the network's status. We are not connected to these gas fees and do not charge anything beyond our token tax fees, which are currently set at 10% for selling the token, and 0% for both buying and transferring it. Taxes collected from token trading are fully owned by the team and the development team. Users have no rights to claim these taxes or direct the team on how to use them. It is understood that these funds will be used by the team to cover expenses, provide salaries, and reinvest in the project to continue its expansion and development. Fees collected from product rentals are also fully owned by the team. However, a portion of this revenue will be shared with the community through staking. Beyond that, the funds are entirely owned by the team, and it is the team's responsibility to manage and allocate these funds.

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